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Electron-beam metallurgical plant of FIKO Ltd takes orders for manufacture of:


-         titanium disks

-         titanium rings

-         titanium billets

-         titanium materials

-         titanium heat exchanger

-         titanium equipment


according to your drafts or your requirements specification from our own titanium materials or customer titanium materials.



Manufacture of titanium heat exchangers, titanium side-bar, titanium tanks, titanium equipment on our own area and on subcontractor area.

We are interested in orders for manufacture of above mentioned production from titanium materials are on our stocks:


Ј         titanium bars, titanium forgings

Ј         titanium sheets, titanium plates

Ј         titanium tubes: welded titanium tubes, seamless titanium tubes

Ј         titanium wire


We will consider offers of enterprises who receives orders for manufacture of titanium equipment, titanium elements, titanium machineries, titanium heat exchangers in order that Fiko ltd will realize the order for manufacture of titanium equipment at the cooperation


Board of Directors of Fiko ltd has made a resolve to open Christian page on its industrial web site. So we are interested in links exchange with Christian web sites, Christian portals and bulletin board, Christian Churches, industrial and trade sites where owners of these companies are members of evangelic churches of different countries.    

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Titanium Grades   Titanium Ingots Grade-1/Grade-2    Titanium Ingots Ti 6AL 4V    Titanium Ingots, bars Ti 5V    Titanium Slabs    Titanium Bars and Wire

  Titanium Sheets   Titanium Tubes      Titanium Tanks     

Titanium Melting Equipment

In addition to titanium materials we are ready to realize collaboration concerning supply of other non-ferrous metal:  copper tube copper sheets copper plates copper bars copper wire copper ingots  aluminium tubes aluminium sheets aluminium tubes aluminium bars aluminium plates aluminium wire aluminium ingots

bronze sheets bronze plates bronze bars bronze tubes bronze wire bronze ingots  brass bars brass tubes brass sheets brass plates  brass wire brass tubes brass ingots  zirconium ingots zirconium sheets zirconium plates zirconium bars zirconium tubes zirconium wire zinc ingots zinc sheets zinc plates zinc bars zinc tubes zinc wire

 tin ingots tin sheets tin plates tin bars  tin tubes tin wire  tantalum ingots tantalum sheets tantalum plates tantalum bars tantalum tubes tantalum wire.

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